Blogging is akin to “baby steps”

08 Mar

I am so excited to finally be beginning this blog, my very own BLOG! I have thought, pondered, considered and concluded that each baby step begins with a “first step.”  I have longed to return to my first love for quite some time, however life happens and time is not always our friend.  

As I am new to blogging, I hope that you will bear with and support my efforts. This blog is a labor of love and without a doubt is for me, first and something that I am choosing to share with the you, second.

So, what will I blog about, what direction will it take and why does it matter? My blog is simply titled “these are the moments of our lives…that said, I anticipate that I will blog about a combination of short stories life with my husband, familiar relationships, daily encounters, my thoughts and of course humorous and sometimes risqué escapades (never my own). LOL

These will be my stories, stories that I share with the world. I would add that although authentic and true, like life each story will be reflective of my mind’s eye with just a dash of fiction for flavor.


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Posted by on March 8, 2011 in Personal


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