This blog thing…

05 Apr
This blog thing…

Okay, so I had this fabulous idea, to start writing a blog. This was something I had toyed with in my head for a very long time. I started a few times, but they never quite got of the ground, took flight, or came to fruition, because it always got too difficult.

See, when you start a blog there is soooooo much research and processes that a novice must learn, know or better yet know someone else who knows everything about writing a blog, compiling information and creating the theme. Well, I had none of the above knowledge and I was worn out and frustrated with the process. 

If you have read my previous blog post, you will know that I have mentioned previously, that my first love was writing. I have a love of words that is like a deep and passionate dance that takes my breath away. Of course, it will be awhile before you begin to see that side of me, as I barely am staying afloat and managing to put to keep words on the page. In my youth, I loved putting pen to paper and allowing my thoughts to tumble to the page escaping the prison that was my mind, emerging free like a burst of sunshine after a cold rainy day.

I have asked myself repeatedly, what propelled me forward in this endeavor this time? It is simple, I was inspired by others who believed I had something to share, but that was only the first element of the story. The second element came while I was researching and reading a blog about; writing a blog. The words of the writer will forever stay with me as, I struggle to make and be comfortable in this place of my making of words and thoughts. The writer to paraphrase stated, “so you want to start a blog huh, so start writing and stop thinking.” Write a blog about writing a blog and that clicked for me, it made absolute sense to me! I needed to stop trying to perfect every detail of my blog and just write. Stop trying to perfect the layout of my page or find the perfect picture to connect to my story, just sit and write and breathe…and I did. I am definitely still a work in progress, but I am loving and in love again. I have even stopped fighting with the darn widgets that refuse to do as I demand! LOL

See, I have the thoughts and the ideas to put on paper. I have the humor, the wit and the passion to blend words, thoughts and actions into this slow, rhythmic, swaying movement of dance. To entice the reader to take the first step forward as they begin to gravitate into my world. What I find a month into my unpublished blog is that I am lacking the courage to share and expose myself to others. Maybe it is because; I know that 90% of the human population tend to be overly critical of what others do. Maybe it is because; I am bit crusty on my grammatical cues, (LOL) or maybe it is because; I’m comfortable with just me seeing and reading my thoughts in the written word.

I can only write about things that I know… and for that is my own personal life experiences, my family, my life and the things I enjoy. So world, here I am standing in “my full frontal nudity” and all I can say is, if you don’t like it that’s okay, come back and see if it get’s better. Rome was not built-in a day, but at the end of mine…this is really all about me! 

Totally rough and unedited!

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