…you hurt my feelings!

25 Jan


g-pa and the kid!


A smile crosses my face as I write this blog, recounting the exchange between my five-year old g-baby and I today on the staircase. Upon returning from his Kardio class I instructed him to remove his shoes and to carry them and place them by the stairs.

I wanted the shoes up stairs for convenience and practicality. His mom picks him up and uses the main door and our shoes were wet from the snow. We enter through the garage, remove our shoes and I did not want him tracking through the house. So when I asked him to take his shoes upstairs it should have been a simple request

It seemed to me that my request was “simple” and very clear, but what followed gave me great pause.

The child proceeded up the stairs and when I turned to ask him if he had removed his shoes as requested, he attempted to push pass me and go up the stairs. Now, this is where it gets sticky. You may have guessed that as his grand…I am taller, stronger and possess far more character than he has acquired in his mere five years of life…apparently he did not get the memo. 

I love his smile!

I gingerly took him by the arm and told him to go back down the stairs and do as I had asked. It was at this moment that he fell out! YES, fell out on the steps twisting and turning as if he were having a seziure (this seems to be a regular and reoccuring event when he doesn’t get his way). He then proceeded to tell me “…you hurt my feelings.”

I look down at him and say in a very stern “grand” voice….well, you have hurt my feelings as well. Do you think I do not have feelings? (I kneel beside him as he cries) When you choose not to listen it hurts my feelings and makes me very sad. Do you want me to be sad? Now he is looking up at me and wiping tears from his eyes nodding. I tell him you have to listen, because listening is how you show someone that you love them. He nods in agreement, I tell him that I love him, we hug and I wipe the curls from his forehead and kiss him.

I have very strong opinions when it comes to children understanding and needing to know that adults can be hurt by the actions or words of children. This is something that I hope to instill in him early and I pray that it will be a tool that guides him through life.

Us with BIG smiles!

In the end, I only want him to know that he is loved everyday…even when his behavior isn’t quite what I expect.


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2 responses to “…you hurt my feelings!

  1. ramblinann

    January 26, 2012 at 2:45 pm

    What a beautiful moment. Sounds like you have one very special grand son.

    • Reminiscent & Wonder

      January 26, 2012 at 3:26 pm

      He is the apple of my eye (the good one) LOL He is quite the character. Thanks for your response


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