Creating moments and memories.

23 Feb


MOMENTS…moments are so precious and it’s usually long after they have passed and turned into memories that we become aware of their truest impact on our lives.

When I was a little girl, my Grand who was full of colorful colloquialisms would say “you’re showing the hem of your slip” when our exhibited behavior was less than desirable and if you knew my Grand you’d know that wasn’t too often.

As I sat posting to my FB and clearing my Twitter feed this morning. I was reminded of her words, which always brings a smile to my face and fills my heart with such warmth.

I know I am largely, who I am because of who she was and who she expected me to become. She raised me from a pup, as if I were her very own child. I was her very own living doll and I relished the love and affection that she showered on me.

20120223-050321.jpgAs my Grand, she parented me, both in “discipline first” and “love always.” She volunteered in my schools/classrooms, chaperoned every field trip I ever went on, became a Blue Bird, Brownie, and Camp Fire Leader (I wish I had my sashes today) she even started a 4-H Club for me and my friends. She certainly raised me with a firm and solid Christian foundation and she provided me with compassion when needed.

She never made me feel as if I had been cast away or unwanted, because she and my grandfather loved me with a whole heart. Without a doubt, I was “the” favorite!

Now, she has since gone and I am now the granddame (g-ma) to a brilliant little soul to whom I shower with much love and affection. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to be a main staple in his life. Lending my voice to the young man that I anticipate him to become.

20120223-044816.jpg My best g-ma days happen when he snuggles close to me and says in the softest and loving whisper “g-ma, I love you” and I reply I love you too.

I am who I am because she, my Grand taught me who to be…and because she was my living example I know I’m gonna be an awesome g-ma!


Creating moments and memories.

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One response to “Creating moments and memories.

  1. Crystal

    February 25, 2012 at 7:40 am

    So beautiful,Thank you for sharing. May you and your grandson be blessed with lots of health,love,wonderful memories and time together 🙂


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