17 Mar



Travel brings something to one’s life, one’s being.

The scents, the colours that surround – suffocating you, exciting you, enticing you, a new feeling at each turn, at each bend.

I have had the feel of the hot desert winds slapping my veil across my face, the harsh cold December making my teeth chatter uncontrollably as I stood by pines, and each brought such exhilaration.

I pine for the outdoors, the tantalizing tastes, some tangy, some benign. I am a slave of good food. I crave delightful, exquisite continental, oriental, and everything in between, delicacies that melt like such sugary popsicles on your tongue, or sharp, red hot chilli peppers that blow your mind away!

One doesn’t always have wonderful experiences in one’s wanderlust ways. You tend to eat the wrong things, they may not agree with you; you take the wrong turn while searching for a certain something on the…

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Posted by on March 17, 2012 in Love Stories


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