Never ask a question….

24 Aug


The other night as we prepared for bed I asked my husband if I could read a draft of my blog post to him, he agreed.

As I begin to read my eyes trained on my iPad, I spied him transfixed and still as a mouse with my peripheral vision. I thought to myself, wow, I have entranced him with this topic, by the licisiousness of my words, the context of the story…this good. LOL

Once I’d finished reading, I promptly turned to him beaming with pride and bursting with self satisfaction, I asked “how’d I do?” Pointing at my iPad he exclaimed “all that was on one page, it seemed like you read at least two or three pages worth!”

I DROPPED DEAD in a fit of hysterical laughter! We laughed so hard and for so long that we nearly cried. Now, I know the truth behind his motionless attention. I might add it was a mere 249 words in length. LOL

And thus these are the reasons I love this man completely…he makes me smile, he causes me to laugh a lot, he supports my crazy, he nurtures my heart and protects my very soul. If ever I need a hug, encouragement, my years wiped or a dose of reality, he handles all that and more.

Ahem, public pole dancing was his consequence for the blog comment. JK


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