Shhhh, it’s my little secret

24 Nov


Blessed in love would definitely be an understatement. I have the husband of most women’s dreams; he’s nurturing and attentive, but without being smothering or controlling. He encourages me to pursue my dreams, my goals, my passions. He is affectionate, both in public and in private, he makes me laugh, he accepts my faults and flaws and he never criticizes me.

He takes care of me when I’ve been ill taking away my gadgets forcing me to rest. He helps with the dishes and chores around the house (lol) and he never scoffs when I make his “honey do list.”

He always ask with intention how my day is, (he will call or text me during the day) he say’s “I love you throughout the day, he kisses me hello, good-bye and for no reason in between and he always he kisses me goodnight.

He is a very good provider, as patient as Job and I am grateful that he’s the one with whom I share this incredible Love Story.


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