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Living proof….

When I was a little girl, I believed that the world was a magical place. I believed in fairies, prince charming and that good triumphed evil.

I am no longer a little girl. Yes, I still believe that the world is a magical place, if you just believe. My belief in fairies was replaced, with a love for my creator, God. I know that good will always triumph evil, even when it seems we are facing a losing battle.

I’ve been blessed enough to have found my very own prince charming (who likes to believe that he is the better half LOL)  and I we are living our happily-ever-after in our own castle…what more could a girl wish for!

Whoever said life wasn’t a fairy tale, wasn’t living proof!


Remember, you still have options!


I truly believe that there are people who thrive on only seeing, focusing and experiencing the negative aspects of the world.

Of the 59 various postings I read this morning only 4 (59/4) mentioned or reflected anything positive, why is that?


If it is true that we create our experiences…Certainly, we’ve got to start doing better!


When life gives you lemons remember…you still have options, but you have to decide if you interested in taking advantage of them.

“50 lemons are a burden for 1 person, but they are treasures for 50 people”



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… yes, put a “lock” on it!


A concept that I wish every woman and young girl could grasp and understand.

“It’s not special if you share it with everyone.”

Put a lock on it…the contents of your “cookie jar” ain’t for err body!

Surely, the last thing you’d want is to be left with…an empty “cookie jar.”


The value is in you and you are more than just a “cookie jar!”


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What is…failure?


What failure have you experienced that did not contribute to making you a better…?

I believe failure is indicative of the spectacles we choose to wear throughout our lives.

Failure doesn’t have to be a negative association, we make it a negative association by our own experiences and perceptions.

I see failure as a resting spot along the journey. A time to step back and seek clarity, before proceeding forward.

Peaks and Valleys…however, we forget to properly utilize our plateaus.

Have a grand day!


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Standing in the storm


Can you see the power in these words? Not because of who the author is, (I saw that much later) but because I have been this woman standing in the midst of a storm.

The she who was steadfast on faith and was still standing albeit a bit tattered and wind blown when the rains subsided and the radiance of the sun shown again.

Certainly we all have been this woman in the storm.

From each of my storms I was to gain a lesson and from many I have, not all, but most. It’s been about finding myself/ourselves during the journey, leaning into my/our faith during the storm and seeing how quickly I/we could readjust ourselves during and after the storm and walk into the winds of change.

We are solid and we are these women. Stand strong, the storm doesn’t last always.


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A celebrities life…holy geez!

The wisdom of children shows: I am watching Arthur with my GB today and I heard the most profound comment…

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Words to ponder

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished”
~Lao Tzu


Slow your roll… If only we could learn to wait, to walk and allow nature to take it’s course on all things… we would be better for it.

I believe that we are a society of urgency and immediate gratification. We want, want, and want more and we want everything right now, today!

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