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Against all odds…

“When marrying, ask yourself this question: Do you believe that you will be able to converse well with this person into your old age? Everything else in marriage is transitory.”  Friedrich Nietzsche


I prayed for the husband I have. I made a list, I was diligent as I transcribed my thoughts in to words and wrote them creating a list of what “I” desired in a partner. I prayed over my list, placed that list in my bible, and (patiently) waited. At that time, I was in my mid 20’s and many of my prior and current associations/close connections had been linked to and with married couples. I’d like to think that from those associations, I learned how to be a good and better wife, however without doubt I know that those close relationships taught me how to be a stronger me.


My #1 of that list was “someone who could always make me laugh.” In my youth I was a firm believer that with a good partner by your side you could see beyond a storm as long as you were willing to have one single ray of hope and always laugh together (he does that and so much more). Certainly, I encountered situations that should have left me jaded, but for whatever reason did not.
Over the years I have revisited my list, the list I penned so many years ago (still tucked away in my bible) and noted that as my husband and I have grown and matured in our marriage/partnership, we have succeeded what began as “my” list and begin to create and collaborate a list for what “we” desire not only in our marriage, but in one another as husband and wife, lover and friends…and certainly life partners.

We are two hearts united who have beat the odds, having found and nurtured love creating our own love story.


**This list I plan to share w/ my daughters with hopes that they will add to it and share it with their own daughters.



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In the beginning…


Everyday, something incredible happens it may happen to me, to you, or even a complete stranger, but something incredible happens.

I was just thinking how nice it would be to be on the making it happen end of things. Three hundred and sixty-five days of giving, listening caring, doing, and sharing.


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Can you remember your first bicycle and the freedoms that came with it?

red bike

Why not enjoy those freedoms again, the only thing holding you back is YOU!


My mantra…“Enjoy the ride, don’t put so much emphasis on the destination”

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Shhhh, it’s my little secret


Blessed in love would definitely be an understatement. I have the husband of most women’s dreams; he’s nurturing and attentive, but without being smothering or controlling. He encourages me to pursue my dreams, my goals, my passions. He is affectionate, both in public and in private, he makes me laugh, he accepts my faults and flaws and he never criticizes me.

He takes care of me when I’ve been ill taking away my gadgets forcing me to rest. He helps with the dishes and chores around the house (lol) and he never scoffs when I make his “honey do list.”

He always ask with intention how my day is, (he will call or text me during the day) he say’s “I love you throughout the day, he kisses me hello, good-bye and for no reason in between and he always he kisses me goodnight.

He is a very good provider, as patient as Job and I am grateful that he’s the one with whom I share this incredible Love Story.


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Never ask a question….


The other night as we prepared for bed I asked my husband if I could read a draft of my blog post to him, he agreed.

As I begin to read my eyes trained on my iPad, I spied him transfixed and still as a mouse with my peripheral vision. I thought to myself, wow, I have entranced him with this topic, by the licisiousness of my words, the context of the story…this good. LOL

Once I’d finished reading, I promptly turned to him beaming with pride and bursting with self satisfaction, I asked “how’d I do?” Pointing at my iPad he exclaimed “all that was on one page, it seemed like you read at least two or three pages worth!”

I DROPPED DEAD in a fit of hysterical laughter! We laughed so hard and for so long that we nearly cried. Now, I know the truth behind his motionless attention. I might add it was a mere 249 words in length. LOL

And thus these are the reasons I love this man completely…he makes me smile, he causes me to laugh a lot, he supports my crazy, he nurtures my heart and protects my very soul. If ever I need a hug, encouragement, my years wiped or a dose of reality, he handles all that and more.

Ahem, public pole dancing was his consequence for the blog comment. JK


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KISMET…and beyond

Be it great or small, it requires daily tending and you will see first the buds of friendship, which will blossom into enduring love.


When I first met this man, who is now not only the love of my life, but also my “best friend” I had no clue as to what the future would hold.My initial take upon speaking with him (we met via a dating service) was that although I had “options” I only wanted him…he was my one.

So, when our first chance meeting (which went remarkably well) ended with him saying “I don’t think we should see each other again and me barely holding it together on the outside, but truly on the brink of tears” what was I suppose to think? How could I have ever imagined, believed in or foreseen today?

These little words are why we are together today; blind faith, persistent optimism and Kismet!

Twelve years later, we revisit that first chance meeting with lots of laughter and cajoling, our versions albeit similar each possesses their own comedic twist and turns (of course, my version is the singular truth), but always the same conclusion…him wanting to ease my pain, me twisting his arm (I sure miss that girl) and us on our first “official” date.

…and ninety days later we wed and have been living our “happily ever after” everyday since!


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“Celebrate Good Times”


I find it interesting how individuals put so much emphasis on their birthday. They celebrate a week or sometimes an entire month and the really over zealous people celebrate for an entire year.

I have yet to see anyone (I know directly or indirectly) put such emphasis on a wedding anniversary and I was perplexed as to why not…until now!

Welcome to
Est. 3.13.2012

We’ve celebrated the joining of our union everyday this month. We didn’t break the bank, by giving huge excessive gifts, but time and reverence.
We elected to spotlight acknowledgement, forethought, appreciation, nurture, affection and consideration as our daily focus on one another.

My love for my spouse is one of the things I value and treasure with great sincerity in our union. So, we raise our glasses, sharing our laughter, our silliness and beaming with radiant smiles everyday knowing that dreams really do come do come true.

Celebrate your love not just once a year, but everyday and especially during the month when two became one.


“a successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.”


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