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A celebrities life…holy geez!

The wisdom of children shows: I am watching Arthur with my GB today and I heard the most profound comment…

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Living Your Own…

“We can never judge the lives of others, because each person knows only their own pain.”

Typically, I try to refrain from casting judgement on others. I understand that we are all human and capable of bad judgement or ill choices. Because, I have a weakness for believing that “all people are essentially good” and that “good will always prevail” I bite the dust “a lot, a lot!” Now, in my mind neither of those beliefs are wrong, but note people do prove me wrong more than I care to admit.

Time and time again, I have encountered people who judge others, who criticize or who elicit the mob mentality to win friends and influence craziness. As a positive person, I do not want that type of energy permeating my life and it is during these times that I feel “trimming the fat” becomes a necessity of life.

I don’t really want to be responsible for more than my life, but I know that I am. I am a human being and as such my responsibility extends beyond the borders of just me. I have a penchant for the underdog and will scrap (verbally) with the best of them in defense of another individual.

I neither want nor believe I have the right to cast my personal opinions on or against a person, but being human I make mistakes and sometimes I do the very thing I hope not to do. What I have learned is that people can explain away every aspect of wrong and even convince themselves to believe or buy into crazy. I choose not to shop on that particular “aisle” anytime whilst I remain sane.

Every fiber of my being wants me to believe that “people are essentially good,” but how can I when in showing me who they are as beings they mussy up the whole premiss of my own belief system.

When I read “The Fifth Agreement” I immediately connected with the concept that “each person creates their own movie reel and that also we have no control of how others view or perceive our actions in our movie. I am of the opinion that every now and again, we should take a step back from ourselves and try to see ourselves from someone else’s perspective. However, it is important to remember that in the end, the reel is yours and you only have say, in the final cut of your version.

I own my story, if I share any part of my story or who I am with you, consider yourself lucky. As I would in having you share yourself with me. What I know for certain is that when you criticize me and do not know me, you do not weaken me; you fail yourself.

My life has been one of rich colors and varying tapestries woven together to create the me I am today. A life that I have been happy to share openly with others, not just my ups, but also my downs. As I continue to grow, I am learning that not everyone can be happy for you and sometimes it is the very individuals to whom you share friendship or kinship who will seek to destroy you.

Admittedly, I am not prepared to live shrouded in distrust, because that is neither who I really am nor who I wish to become. In all honesty…I just want people to get along.


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Don’t worry about your “haters” your “haters” can’t do nothing for you!

Someone needs to tell my haters that they just can't do it like me!

Most of my life, I have wrestled with the what, why, and how of what people thought or felt about me. It took me far too many years to realize two important things; I have haters and that my haters do not have my best intention in mind. Truth is my haters only think about me, when it is convenient for them to hate on me, which I have come to realize puts me right dab on the tip of their tongues…hmmm, what does that taste like?

It took awhile, but I finally realized that my hater’s were the folks that took the most from me and gave me the least return for all my endeavors. As a simple girl, I can’t be mad at them, but trust, I have learned to feed “them” with a long-handled spoon.

Hater’s and bullies share a commonality: they don’t really like themselves. See, they project their self-dislike or self-dissatisfaction onto others. Why, you ask? Girl, if I had the answer to that I would bottle it and “give” it away for FREE!

What disturbs me the most is that childhood bullies grow up and become adult haters! Can someone really dislike themselves all of their damned life? Honey child, you really need to get a grip or get some serious counseling and then…get over yourself!

^^ that chick you love to hate! ^^

Bullies and haters don’t see a problem with their behavior, heck they can justify every action, every word, every reason. But, does logic or explanation lend credibility to hurtful words or actions? Hurting or humiliating another being is never right and certainly never justifiable!

Do you believe or feel that you have haters in your life?      My advice, do not allow them to steal your joy, rain on your parade or silence your thunder. Stand in front of the mirror and repeat after me; yes I am, INTELLIGENT, yes I am, FIERCE, yes, I have been and continue to be BLESSED and for these reasons, I have haters! Hate on me Haters!

Take it away Jill

There is nothing simple about complex!

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Reading is f-u-n-d-a-m-e-n-t-a-l!

I began reading, long before I had mastered the art of pronunciation or speech that said, I love, love to read. As a child, I found reading to be entertaining, educational and a means to an escape! Reading, is how I created my very own wonderland and adventures. Books and words were my retreat from my ordinary life, I could kick off my shoes, pull up a chair and immerse myself into the comfort of a story and feel as if I were a part of the action.

I remember reading mt first primary books “Run Dick Run and See Jane” oh, the memories…Borrrring! A term over used by my grandson, whenever he feels that he is not being fully entertained or asked to participate in anything of no interest to him. haha

My first love story was about a pig, a spider and a wonderful thing called friendship, Charlotte’s Web. I was seven years old and in the second grade. Mrs. Beatty (my absolute favorite teacher) was reading this story aloud to me (the class included) over a period of days. I remember being so eager to hear what would happen next with Wilbur that I awoke early each morning believing that I could propel the morning into afternoon story time with just my wishful thoughts. Although, I always enjoyed story time, I was truly excited about this particular story. I loved to listen to the sound of her voice as she brought each character to life through her animations and enthusiasm. I am certain that when Mrs. Beatty had children she was a phenomenal mother!

All these years later, I can recall how I felt in my little girl self as the story turned from humorous to devastating. I was heartbroken when Charlotte died (can you believe, I am tearing up now, as I write this). My teacher (being observant as a teacher should) noticed me crying (more like total meltdown) sat the book down, called me to the front, sat me on her lap and wrapped me in her arms. She waited before asking me, why I was crying. I told her because it wasn’t fair! It wasn’t fair that Charlotte should die and leave Wilbur and her babies alone. I guess, I could mention, that I was the only child out of the entire second grade class blubbering (If only I had known they that I would be an emotional train wreck the rest of my life). Do you think any of the kids in my second grade class remember me crying?

Like any “good” adult should, she talked me through the process of life and death as it related to the story. I will tell you that that moment has has stuck with me well into four plus decades of my existence. Recanting it now, the tingle in my heart feels as if it happened just yesterday.

Truth is I read any and everything! Which, I must admit has turned out to be my saving grace in many situations, because I am trained to read both the obvious and the less interesting, just out of habit.

My very first adventure book “The Boxcar Children” oh, how I loved those children and their antics. I didn’t know it then, but they romanticized “curiosity” for me. Ramona the pest, The Great Brain sparked my intuitiveness and inspired me to think outside the box, The Little House on The Prairie (I was certain that I was Laura Ingalls hanging out with pa on the creek). Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing (I must reread this as an adult) LOL Are You There God, its Me Margaret? That was a sort of coming to age book for me.

Books tell a lot about a person, I believe they tell a lot about who you are on the inside. I am older, more mature and a bit more seasoned now, I still enjoy a good story, but I really like to read about people, their courage and character. I find it interesting to see what people or made of, how a situation can affect them to their core or how they will rise to the occassion.

I sincerely hope that I can convey my passion for reading as I attempt to share the books I review here. Please feel free to comment and share your thoughts as well, because we all know that reading is fundamental.

*I can’t expect to be perfect, I sometimes just want to get it completed.



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