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In the beginning…


Everyday, something incredible happens it may happen to me, to you, or even a complete stranger, but something incredible happens.

I was just thinking how nice it would be to be on the making it happen end of things. Three hundred and sixty-five days of giving, listening caring, doing, and sharing.


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… yes, put a “lock” on it!


A concept that I wish every woman and young girl could grasp and understand.

“It’s not special if you share it with everyone.”

Put a lock on it…the contents of your “cookie jar” ain’t for err body!

Surely, the last thing you’d want is to be left with…an empty “cookie jar.”


The value is in you and you are more than just a “cookie jar!”


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It makes me feel…

It makes me feel…

Special” when you hold my hand in bed. When you kiss me goodnight before we turn down the light.

It makes me feel…

Excited” when you embrace me in your arms, when you spoon with me as you drift off to sleep.

It makes me feel…

Loved,” when you come home from work and the first thing you do is kiss me and ask how was my day. When you reach for my hand while we browse around town, laughing like children

It makes me feel…

Valued,” just knowing that you care that you’ll always be here with me no matter my fault.

It makes me feel…

Like” a schoolgirl being loved by you and I hope…I make you feel this love everyday.


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