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Things that I do when I am lying awake…

awakeIt is just mere minutes before 6am according to the clock on my iphone. I have been awake for the last two hours laying in bed catching up and reading both blog post that I follow and panning new ones. I was awaken by the snow trucks coming through and then I hearing the pitter patter of tiny feet on the carpet (hey, I have mother,s hearing) and saw a tiny head appear in the shadow of my iphone light. After a potty run, a kiss and tucking him back in his bed he had driffted off to sleep and I again lay awake…scrolling. Then I realized that I was 1) hungry and 2) dying to write something…and I managed to do both in just 8 minutes. Smile


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Stand Up: A Lesson With My Daughter On Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

CHAPTER 2013 page 19 of 365 Peace, Strength and Courage

Stand Up: A Lesson With My Daughter On Dr. Martin Luther King Jr..

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It’s 0345 and I’ve been awake since 0215. I’ve decided to climb out of the warmth of my bed and come sit on my deck for awhile. I’m hoping after writing for a spell the sandman will show up and lure me back to a peaceful sleep.

One of my small joys in life is sitting on my deck. It matters not if the sun is shinning or it’s raining cats and dogs, I love sitting out here and just getting lost in the thought of not thinking too much. I try to come out here every morning for 5-20 minutes (spring/summer only) and just sit. This is time that I’ve dedicated to talking with God, my Grand and most recently, my aunt.

It’s funny, but I’ve always referred to this space as my sanctuary; my place of peace and understanding. Oddly, anyone who HS known me for ten minutes can tell you, I’m not the outdoors type, but this is different.

My backyard is comfortable, I’ve worked hard to create an oasis for myself that I sometimes share with others. A few years after purchasing this house. I (yes, I) created a water feature back here, so sometimes I just sit and listen to the water…I’m a fire sign who loves water sounds and sights. LOL

During the summer, I pitch a tent back here on the deck and rough it! LOL My husband would disagree that I’ve ever roughed anything in my life.

My backyard is small roughly 600 sq ft with various tree types and a couple of lilac bushes, which I planted many years ago. As I sit here listening to the sound of the running water and the rain drops, I look out across the yard. The trees stand tall in the background huddled close together as if sharing a secret that only they should know here in this yard. My senses are charmed by the faint aroma of the lilac bushes mixed with the rain and I am mesmerized at the sky a mix of indigo and midnight blues, dancing across the early morning sky

In a word, it’s beautiful and I feel truly blessed to have a space, a refuge that is all mine if and when I so desire.

Theabove photo is a day shot of what I call my garden of Eden.


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Karma suggest the right thing.

Sometimes when one is going through a struggling time (personal/work relationships, financial hardship, employment opportunities, or general turmoil) one must stand in the mirror and ask the following question…

*******A QUIZ TO FOLLOW*********

What pot am I stirring that I need to put the lid on and step away from? What ingredients (belittling, jealousy, loathing, degrading, backbiting, self-righteousness, gossip, superiority, envy, greed) might I be contributing via pouring and spewing, that “ain’t” none of my business? At some point you must ask yourself, “am I part of the problem or part of the solution” (this does not require a rocket scientist brain)?

Maybe it’s time you bake up something of your own creation. Something with a little less negativity and a lot more positivity toward life and the lives you’ve been blessed to touch. Cease being up in the “mix” of everything with everybody and focus on your own success and the business you need to handle today and tomorrow.

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Lean in close…

Lean in, lean in really close, I want to share something with you something that will give you some insight as to who I am.

Now, I will have to ask that you focus on this and only this, because I have a strong dislike about having to repeat myself. So, if I sharing this with you, I feel that you should be focused on what I am telling you and yes, I will try to keep it brief.

I have been in love with the same man for the last eleven years. See, I knew immediately that he was the one, I had no doubts. He on the other had, well that is another story for another time. See my husband is my best friend, he is the person who supports me in my crazy endeavors, but also who stands his ground when my wants and our checkbook don’t match up. He is the realist to my dreamer, we are a perfect match.

Now, I would not have you believe that he is a pushover, because he is far from that LOL! He is the blanket I never had as a child, the arms I longed for as a young woman and the laughter I dreamt and waited for, knowing one day…

He makes me laugh, we laugh a lot, I think we spend most of our time laughing at me. He is a stone comic and as my co-worker stated, he is the “Abbott to my Costello, the Ricky to Lucy.” I tell friends that where we laugh the most is where most people do the most fighting.

I love that he is patient with me. He listens, is supportive, caring and completely genuine. He does not really pull punches with me, he lays it on the line (keeps it real), but he never aims to wound me.

When we begin dating (that was short lived) I was already smitten with him and had no intention of letting him get away, looking back I’m glad I was so brazen as to dare him to “dump me.” See, what I know that hundreds of other women only wish they knew is this, not every man is a keeper, if you are blessed enough to get one hold on to him. If by chance he ever talks about leaving (for something other than work, to get gas or to buy you a gift) chain him to the bed LOL men always come around when you pull out the whips, chains and feather boa.



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