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Think Happy, Be Happy


I don’t mind that people get it twisted…I’ve learned that negativity is a drug for many however, me…I fired my pusher years ago. “If it does not serve you, remove it from your life.” Happiness is not a cheap commodity, but it is attainable with the right perspective.

Me, let’s just say…I am an independent and authorized distributor of happiness.



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Who are you today?

Here is my theory, too often we allow the negativity of others…thoughts and or actions to paralyze us.

We cease moving forward, because of another’s action or inaction in a situation.

When in reality, it’s that precise negativity that should stroke the flames and empower us!

Repudiate (my $3.00 word for the day) negativity and negative people!

Cuz, although they can criticize, belittle and defame…”they can’t touch this” ~ MC Hammer



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