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I am now convinced that there are different variations of love that can exist between people.

There is the love that a mother has for a child nurturing, endearing, maternal.


There is the love that exist between friends. Strictly plutonic, but close, warm, and yet affectionate.


Then there is the love that manifests between lovers. That love can range from surface deep to passionate and bridling with flames.

Love can serve as an addiction like no other, it can wind you up so tight, that breathing is not an option and insanity is the desired remedy.

When I consider the love between a man and a woman; such as my husband and I…I glow with warmth and happiness from the inside out and back again. I am mesmerized, by the strength that he pours into me and where many must substitute sex and/or material artifacts we insert our shared laughter from jokes.


Being playful keeps us young and our laughter keeps us sane.

Yes, there are varying types of love and I am fortunate to have found the magical never ending kind.


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