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The sad truth.


Maybe not my best look...

The other day, I woke early (the first issue) played on FB and read blogs (the second issue) for 2.5 hours before climbing out of bed to ready for my monthly doctor visit.

When I emerged from the bath I jumped into my clothing…gym clothes, quickly determined I had ample time to make the drive from the south side to the east side of town.


It wasn’t until I had slid behind the steering wheel ready to go that I noted the position of the fuel gauge reading…empty! It was at that moment in which, I begin to berate myself. How had I forgotten to inform my husband that my fuel tank was nearly empty when I parked it the night before. It is my sole responsibility to update him that he needs to take my car and fill it up.

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My love is my gift…

My love is my gift…



See this man, I LOVE HIM!

I love him so much that he takes my breath away with an easy smile or a simple embrace. I married this man, after stepping out on faith (thanks, Iyana Vanzant for “In The Meantime”) meeting him via a dating service (thanks, People Store) and because I knew in my “heart of hearts” the very first time I heard his voice that he was “the one” I married him three months later. I tossed caution to the wind and trusted that faith would return nothing “less than” to my heart.

Our life together isn’t a fairytale, but it is it’s own Love Story” with the usual ups and downs, struggles, and occasional delirium. I would also add that our story is charged with and by our laughter, smiles, personal sacrifice and undying love for one another.

To understand our love you would have to know that our story was created with a solid foundation, a foundation that consisted of open communication, support, trust, honesty and a twist of “til death do we part.”

He is truly, my “best friend” he has stood up for me and stands beside me during my personal struggles, pushes me toward achieving my endeavors, tolerates my workaholic tendencies, community driven inspirations, incessant sorority requirements and beams with each of my accomplishments. As I too, have done the same for him.

My dream is to live a long, long life with this man. I believe whatever storms we encounter, as long as we continue to place one another first, communicate with love and honesty and laugh together we will overcome thus; My Love Is My Gift to him forever.

“There is nothing basic about complex” 


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