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Karma suggest the right thing.

Sometimes when one is going through a struggling time (personal/work relationships, financial hardship, employment opportunities, or general turmoil) one must stand in the mirror and ask the following question…

*******A QUIZ TO FOLLOW*********

What pot am I stirring that I need to put the lid on and step away from? What ingredients (belittling, jealousy, loathing, degrading, backbiting, self-righteousness, gossip, superiority, envy, greed) might I be contributing via pouring and spewing, that “ain’t” none of my business? At some point you must ask yourself, “am I part of the problem or part of the solution” (this does not require a rocket scientist brain)?

Maybe it’s time you bake up something of your own creation. Something with a little less negativity and a lot more positivity toward life and the lives you’ve been blessed to touch. Cease being up in the “mix” of everything with everybody and focus on your own success and the business you need to handle today and tomorrow.

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My Most Treasured Moments…

              Two, my perfect number.

My favorite time of day begins, with my hubby coming home; he quietly enters our bedroom turning up minimal lighting to avoid waking me. There have been instances when he arrived home early or in the middle of the night and scared me crap-less, so now he tries to avoid either. He always comes directly to my bedside and stands quietly and then bends in gingerly kissing me and says good morning before retiring to the bath.

I lay in bed and eagerly wait for him to emerge from the bath, all fresh and brand new. When he exits the bath he jumps in the bed and screams like a woman having both nipples pinched with a vise-grip. We both roll and delight in thunderous laughter as our bodies wrestle and struggle to acquire my toasty real estate, because the sheets on his side of the bed are freezing cold but my side is toasty warm (heating blanket). LOL He complains, why didn’t you warm my side and I respond, I tried, guess it didn’t work.

Once we settle down, we then use this time to recap his day, laughing and giggling like two teenagers at silly things with him causing me to have outburst of laughter. Shortly after the laughter ceases, we begin our adult discussions, sorting our daily to-do (honey do) list and bouncing thoughts off each another. After awhile we begin to spoon and he wraps me in the warmth of his arms, tells me he loves me and falls asleep.

I linger for awhile longer, unable or willing to separate myself just yet from the best parts of myself; my husband. After awhile, I ease out of his hold and bounce up ready to start my day. I enter the room quietly several times to gather different items earrings, wedding rings, socks and finally to gingerly kiss him good-bye…for now.

I look back, hanging with a faint smile and think how I hope these moments never ever end.

   Kisses  R&W

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