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Perspective…a word with a view!


A smart girl should only marry a man; who allows her to paint outside the lines, who is willing to play beyond the scope of their bedroom, and who isn’t overly attached to the length of or how she styles her hair.

Certainly, I was fortunate to find a mate who always chooses find the good in me, who opts to laugh with me, but has never laughed at my expense. I appreciate that he supports my endeavors, especially the crazy over the top ones and 9 out 10 times he is right there beside me working to help me reach my intended level of success. In a word, he has been and continues to be my biggest cheerleader.


Of course, our marriage is a two way street of giving…at my urging he took college courses and surprised himself. He applied for a higher level position twice and was successful. We’ve both had moments when obstacles fell in our path blocking both our view, but never our perspective…we’d face one another, join hands fingers interlocked, smile knowingly and prepare to soar.


These photos are from Memorial Day 2013 we played like any two kids on the playground…w/o care or concern


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What is…failure?


What failure have you experienced that did not contribute to making you a better…?

I believe failure is indicative of the spectacles we choose to wear throughout our lives.

Failure doesn’t have to be a negative association, we make it a negative association by our own experiences and perceptions.

I see failure as a resting spot along the journey. A time to step back and seek clarity, before proceeding forward.

Peaks and Valleys…however, we forget to properly utilize our plateaus.

Have a grand day!


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