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Just a thought…


I love to write! I totally enjoy sitting down and pouring my thoughts out onto a write background. I enjoy being immersed in my own creativity and imagination. I find complete pleasure in piecing together events in my life, sharing conversations, laughter and my love stories.

I just wish I was more committed, had more time and was proficient in sentence structure, grammar and use of proper punctuation.

I can commit to writing more, but the punctuation, sentence structure and grammar…ehhhh, not so much! LOL


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I want my damned glass slipper!

20120613-174841.jpg I hate being one of those EOD clock watching people. 😦 For now, I just keep my head low and my mouth shut! Lord knows my true gift is “telling folks what I really think!” LOL All I can say is; this job felt like an uncomfortable pair of shoes before it ever started.

*How is that possible?


Right now…I’m not sure if I’m a size 5 foot trying to wear a 15 shoe or a size 15 shoe trying to accommodate a size 5 foot?? **Either way….AWKWARD!!!

In the words of another princess “I WANT MY DAMNED GLASS SLIPPER!”


ROTFLMBO at my own self….


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Words to ponder

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished”
~Lao Tzu


Slow your roll… If only we could learn to wait, to walk and allow nature to take it’s course on all things… we would be better for it.

I believe that we are a society of urgency and immediate gratification. We want, want, and want more and we want everything right now, today!

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