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Find the good, be that good

Find the good, be that good


I used to wonder (silently of course)…why I received so many blessings in this life’s journey. Until, one day, I chanced to meet an elderly silver haired woman, who upon meeting me smiled, took my hand turned it over and said “whatever you did in your past life has given you an abundance of Karma, but you already know this” she patted my hand before allowing mine to slide from her gentle grasp and before I could scratch three words together she was gone. No explanation, no summary, just a smile, a declaration, and “poof.”

I can find good in most every situation and many people. I implore you to choose to find the good in your daily dealings, of course you may be required to look hard. The negative energy is laying in the wide open for everyone…I challenge you to be different (step away from the crowd), be better (rise above the fray), be the good (believe it only takes one voice, choose to let it be yours).


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Who are you today?

Here is my theory, too often we allow the negativity of others…thoughts and or actions to paralyze us.

We cease moving forward, because of another’s action or inaction in a situation.

When in reality, it’s that precise negativity that should stroke the flames and empower us!

Repudiate (my $3.00 word for the day) negativity and negative people!

Cuz, although they can criticize, belittle and defame…”they can’t touch this” ~ MC Hammer



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