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Things that I do when I am lying awake…

awakeIt is just mere minutes before 6am according to the clock on my iphone. I have been awake for the last two hours laying in bed catching up and reading both blog post that I follow and panning new ones. I was awaken by the snow trucks coming through and then I hearing the pitter patter of tiny feet on the carpet (hey, I have mother,s hearing) and saw a tiny head appear in the shadow of my iphone light. After a potty run, a kiss and tucking him back in his bed he had driffted off to sleep and I again lay awake…scrolling. Then I realized that I was 1) hungry and 2) dying to write something…and I managed to do both in just 8 minutes. Smile


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Pen & paper, ready, set….

I truly want to believe…that I could accomplish this. That I could take time from the world, from stuff and doing and really be able to focus 20-30 minutes and write about varying quasi randomly selected topics over a period of 30 days.

…and then, I laugh to myself as my mind begins to arbitrarily run through the ever-ending list of my current incomplete blog titles, the ones, I was so eager and smart about when I scribbled the title down.

I begin to consider how difficult it is for me to find 20-30 minutes to do something that creates, nooooo, that initiates a spark and awakens a joy, a love of words dancing, spinning, jumping, spiraling across the page constructing a story, a love, a fascination that I have had long since childhood…my adoration with words.

In the past, I have usually scribbled a topic or a few lines in passing and thought “I’ll get back to that”…and if and when I did I am completely devoid of why I selected those words, that topic or what it meant to me at that time.

Having identified, understood and communicated my challenges; I welcome this opportunity and thus, in September I will commit to this writing challenge. You are welcome to join me and write or to follow me and read. I also hope that you will be my encouragement and urge me to push forward as I “write” to complete this challenge like the “Superstar” that I know I am.

Mission Completed!

30 day writing prompts as written by

1. Write about your current relationship, or about being single.  ✓
2. Where do you want to be in ten years? ✓
3. Your opinion about drugs and alcohol.
4. Your opinion about religion.
5. One moment when you thought about suicide.
6. Write thirty interesting facts about yourself. ✓
7. Your star sign and how do you think it fits. ✓
8. Moment when you were most satisfied with your life.
9. What do you hope your future will be? ✓
10. Describe your first love and your first kiss. ✓
11. Turn on your music player, turn on shuffle and write the first ten songs it’ll play. ✓
12. Describe your whole day in short notes.
13. Which country would you like to visit or move in? ✓
14. Your earliest memory. ✓
15. Your favourite bloggers/websites.
16. Your opinion on mainstream music.
17. Your successes and failures in last year.
18. What do you believe in? ✓
19. When did you not respect your parents?
20. How important is education for you?
21. One of your favourite TV shows.
22. How did you change in past two years?
23. Five pictures of famous girls/women you find attractive. ✓
24. Your favourite movie and what it’s about.
25. Someone who fascinates you and why.
26. What kind of men attracts you?
27. What problem did you have?
28. Something you miss.
29. Your goals for the next 30 days.
30. Your successes and failures in this month.

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Writing, where does it come from?

My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living. — Anais Nin

When I ceased struggling to find something in which to write about, everything became a topic of interest. It was only then that I could discern, weave and create a fascinating and engaging tale oft-times filled with laughter, but certainly always with joy and love.

Given time…I will be, a writer again.



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Where does it come from?

“My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living.” — Anais Nin

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A simple girls prayer….



Lord, I was told today that all I had to do was tell you what I wanted this job or another, because as your child it is mine for the having.

My heart’s desires are simple; do what I love and am most passionate about, while helping others in the process. Obtain my coaching certification (life and relationship), hang my own shingle and be financially stable and productive. Write a couple of books (fiction and children stories), paint more, learn to decorate cakes, travel with my husband and still have time to sit on our porch swing growing old, in love and watching our grandchildren grow up, graduate, attend college and our children grow wiser or at least learn they never knew more or as much as they once believed.

Oh and the icing on my cake would be hearing them admit the aforementioned out loud and in a single breath.

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Who do I want to be… when I growup?

anything, but wet!

I want to be the person who walks into the room and brings warmth, love and laughter. I envision my being the arms that make children feel safe, nurtured and loved. I should be the most rational cupcake, without too much over the top frosting.

My hope is that I can be the one who laughs with and is okay with being laughed at…because laughter is certainly the best medicine for falls, breaks and moments of craziness.

 There is nothing simple about complex!


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Not just a butterfly in your hand…

The heart really does matter.

This is how I see me in the palm of your hand. It is quaint, alluring and altogether magical from my perspective.

Most might think that this would render me powerless with absolute no control. Little do they know I am energized by you; I feed not only off of our power, but also from your love for me. I do not need to siphon your strength, because it is fed to me with every beat of your heart, in every smile and our laughter.

I am inspired by you and that is why, I am able to sit so quietly in the palm of your hand never considering… that flight from you should be an option.  

There is nothing simple about complex.



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