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20120129-033143.jpg My hubby trotted in the bedroom this morning and said “good morning dear” I replied, I like my good mornings, my good nights and my good bye’s sealed w/ a kiss!

…and he did!

20120129-033143.jpg Wish fulfillment at its best!


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DIY Wishing Tree


DIY Wishing Tree. In exactly nine days I will be a co-host to my linesister’s baby shower. this is my first ever to host and only my second to attend in this lifetime. As girly as I like to see myself as I have to say that “showers” of any kind are not just not my cup of tea (but I love a good tea party).

So… as the co-host, I kinda remind in the background and do just a little bit here and there, however my specialty is making everything look “fabulous” and if I must say so, I am pretty damn good at it when I set the wheels to turning.

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