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Creating moments and memories.


MOMENTS…moments are so precious and it’s usually long after they have passed and turned into memories that we become aware of their truest impact on our lives.

When I was a little girl, my Grand who was full of colorful colloquialisms would say “you’re showing the hem of your slip” when our exhibited behavior was less than desirable and if you knew my Grand you’d know that wasn’t too often.

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What’s in your top 10? A matter of love…

20120129-120945.jpgThis morning, as I lay atop my husband my ear to his chest listening to the sound of his heart beat. My mind drifting in and out of “happy thoughts.”

20120129-035456.jpgI heard my voice saying aloud “this is one of my top 10’s.” He laughed and said “yes, I would believe that…I believe you enjoy getting me all hot and bothered as you lay there, fully clothed keeping me from the goods.” LOL


Our life plan…is to grow old laughing and loving….2gether!

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