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Words to ponder

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished”
~Lao Tzu


Slow your roll… If only we could learn to wait, to walk and allow nature to take it’s course on all things… we would be better for it.

I believe that we are a society of urgency and immediate gratification. We want, want, and want more and we want everything right now, today!

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Your view today.


Today I have embarked on a new adventure #a photo a day challenge. I have waited eagerly for nine days to begin.

To day was…”your view today.”

My view…

Today was GB day. We went to a kardio Kids class at the gym and then we baked cupcakes (he was very instrumental in the making of the cupcakes).

We had lunch watched Transformers (which I still don’t understand) and took a nap.

I love my GB days, they give me an opportunity to experiment and test a wide range of emotions, but the day always ends with I LOVE YOU G-ma.

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